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                             We ARE THE LAND people!

If you are looking for land or property in Central Virginia, Cowan Realty can help. There is a moderate supply of farm land and undeveloped land lots available in the area, but sometimes being “in the know” as to what’s out there can be a challenge. In some instances, land postings are formally listed, but other farm land options are mentioned in passing between land owners and realtors. If you are searching for farm land or a building lot Orange County, Madison or the surrounding area, we can help you with your search.

Cowan Realty sells and lists all sorts and sizes of land tracts and parcels.  We work closely with local surveyors, engineers, soil scientists and the Orange County Planning and Zoning Department as well as the Orange County Health Department.  We know how to read surveys, get tests done and above all, how to "get the job done" when it comes to land aquisitions. Some of our land tracts are subdivision lots, while others are large land acreage of over 1,000 acres. 

We always encourage folks to put properties in Conservation Easements and are big proponents of these. We work closely with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation and can assist buyers and sellers in this wonderful philanthropical, profitable, and conservation-minded program.  Call us today to help you find just that right property or sell one that you no longer have a need for; or just for some informative, knowledgeable advise on land in the Central Virginia area.

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