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Virginia Real Estate 101

Taste of Freedom Wine Festival

Saturday September 20, 2014 from 11am - 7pm at James Madison's Montpellier

Taste of Freedom is a premier winfestival for the whole family, featuring wineries, cider houses, and breweries – all from Virginia! The event is held in conjunction with Constitution Day on the beautiful grounds of James Madison’s Montpelier.

Enjoy tastings all day along with distinctive arts & crafts; specialty food vendors; live music; children’s entertainment & rides! Stroll the grounds of James Madison’s home, visit the restoration of the mansion, or just sit back, picnic with your favorite beverage, enjoy the music & watch the fireworks display.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the gate.

James Madison's Montpelier is located on Route 20 in Orange, Virginia, 25 minutes north of Charlottesville, and 2 hours south of Washington, D.C. 

GordonsvilleFireman’s Fair Kicks Offwith a Grand Parade Sept 3rd

Watch a fantastic grand parade this coming September as the Gordonsville Volunteer Fire Company throw its annual fair with a parade for everyone’s entertainment. Different units will roam around commercial properties located along the Main Streets of Gordonsville and spectators will enjoy various routines throughout the day.

The 2014 Fireman’s Fair will be held on September 3rd to September 6th at the Gordonsville Volunteer Fireman’s Fairgrounds. Before the start of the fair, a parade of different units will proceed through the main streets for the audience's general entertainment.

This year, there will be a silent parade as there will be no horns and sirens allowed for each unit. Still, marching groups will be performing various routines as they move through the route while other entries are showcasing live animals.

The parade will start at 6:30pm, beginning along Main Street. The parade will then work its way towards the firehouse fairgrounds. Once the fair starts, boundless entertainment will be available to everyone including games, rides and food. The awarding of the participants of the parade will then start at 9pm.

After the parade on September 3rd, come to the 2014 Fireman’s Fair and enjoy a lovely day with your family and friends.

Adrianna Cowan
Cowan Realty

Things To Consider Before Buying Farmland

There are different types of property that one can purchase in the business of real estate. In urban areas, the most commonly sold property is residential. However, most of the properties sold in a rural setting are in the form of farming land.

Purchasing farmland is different from purchasing regular real estate properties in urban areas. Farmland usually consists of woodlands, crops, irrigation, pasture and even hills, not like the condo properties and single family homes you usually find in metro areas. Thus, it is important to be properly informed when buying a farm.

Here are some important things you should remember if you are planning to buy a farm:

  1. When it comes to buying farming real estate, you will need to find a rural land real estate agent. Look for an agent who is knowledgeable about the region in which the property is located. Rural and real estate agents are experts in terms of types of soils in the area, farming practices and the complicated water rights in the rural area. Choose a good agent who will take the time to guide you in making decisions regarding easements, zoning and other unclear issues regarding the land.
  2. Assess your financial condition. Take into consideration the needed investments, expected expenditures and crop conditions in order to determine if buying land is the best use for your cash.
  3. What types of crops were planted in the past.  Every good farmer will take the time to know the history of his/her land. Knowing what crops were planted previously will let you know what you can grow after. Various crops can deplete the soil, thus it will need a resting period for recovery and fertilization before you can plant again; this is known as crop rotation.
  4. Research about nearby markets. Having distribution channels and local markets for your produce is one of the important components when developing a farm. You will need to know how far is the nearest market and how much will be the distribution and transportation cost given the distance.
  5. Water. Making sure that you understand your rights and usage is extremely important as water rights law is a very complex matter. Read the water certificate and understand what it means in terms of area allowed for irrigation.

In general, put enough time and effort in understanding all important details about the farm before making the purchase. Knowledge is everything.

Chateau MerrillAnne Offers Cabernet Sauvignon Release Party

Celebrate excellent wine in fine estates with excellent food this coming Saturday at Chateau MerrillAnne! This lovely vineyard will release its own Cabernet Sauvignon and everyone is invited to get the first taste of this delectable red wine!

Cabernet Sauvignon wineis one of the most well-known red wine varieties in the world. Despite its popularity, MerrillAnne is adding its own flare, crossing this blend between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. Such red wine is recognizable due to its high tannins and acidity. In most wine-pairings, Cabernet Sauvignon is paired with non-spicy foods and light dishes.

The Cabernet Sauvignon Release Party will be held on Saturday, August 23rd from 6pm to 9pm at Chateau MerrillAnne, 16234 marquis Rd., Orange. The event will offer one free sample of the Cabernet Sauvignon wine to all guests. Have your dinner with family and friends at the Chateau and enjoy a memorable night with a glass of good wine.

Wines are also available for purchase on the day of the event. If you wish to taste other wines at Chateau MerrillAnne, admission is $4.

Adrianna Cowan
Cowan Realty

Rodent Control in Your Horse Farm

It is common to see rats and mice in your horse barn during colder weather. Rats and mice can be a health hazard to the horses. They can carry and transmit several diseases not only to horses but to you as well; they carry the bubonic plague and rabies. They can even damage tack or chew on electrical wires and create fire hazards.

In addition, it has been reported that 100 rats can eat over a ton of feed in one year and that's enough to feed a thousand pound horse for a year. Aside from that, rodents can also spoil feed with their urine and droppings.

It is important to take immediate steps to get rid of rodents in your barn. Here are some ways to get rid of rats in your horse barn.

  1. Keep all grain and supplements in metal bins with secure lids in a closed room. Clean up any spilled feed as soon as possible. It is also best for hay to be stored way from the barn.
  2. Purchase an ultrasonic rodent repellent device. This device emits a high-pitched screech that is inaudible to humans but excruciating to rats. You can position these devices throughout your barn. However, this option may cause stress to other animal and should be avoided if you house livestock in the barn.
  3. Do everything you can to prevent water pooling as rats may not like your premises if there is no ready supply of water within close range. Try to keep water and food bowls out of easy reach.
  4. Most barn owners have barn cats that help them with rodent problem. If cats have access to most parts of the stable, they will keep rodent population under control and eliminate breeding grounds. However, if there are areas in your barns that are off limits to cats like your tack room, you should set up traps to keep rodents under control.

Do not use poisons as predators like pet cats or dogs might eat a poisoned rodent and become sick themselves.

Adrianna Cowan
Cowan Realty

Waugh Enterprises Harley-Davidson Celebrates 16th Annual Big Daddy’s BBQ

Riding a Harley is a pride shared by many cyclist! The unwavering quality and sleek appeal of each bike makes it a perfect attraction when passing by fine properties of the country.

As you take your Harley for a spin this coming Saturday, stop by the Waugh Enterprises Harley-Davidson and enjoy loads of fun as they celebrate their 16th Annual Big Daddy’s BBQ. Join the staff in creating another memorable year along with other satisfied customers and Harley fans!

The annual Big Daddy’s BBQ offers a number of fun activities,not only for adults but also for the little ones. There will also be plenty of BBQ free for everyone as supplies last. Everyone can come with their family and friends and enjoy good food, good music and a great time.

This year, the Big Daddy’s BBQ will offer free pork BBQ from 11am as supplies last. There are also several vendors displaying items for sale. Kids can enjoy moon-bounces all day and moms  can join in the pin striping and patch sewing.

More entertainment awaits everyone as Shenandoah Alley will perform live on stage. Stay for a while, because if you're feeling lucky, door prizes will be given away to chosen participants!

Join the 16th Annual Big Daddy’s BBQ on Saturday, August 16th at the Waugh Enterprises Harley – Davidson, 385 Waugh Blvd, Orange. The event will start at 9am and end at 5pm.

Adrianna Cowan
Cowan Realty

Ways to Deodorize a Horse Barn

A horse barn can naturally be a smelly place due to its function. Horses make a mess in the stalls which can cause a distinct odor. It even tends to be persistent at some level all year long or it may worsen, depending on the season. Excessively pungent horse barn odors can deeply affect your horse’s health and yours as well. Fortunately, although the smell in a horse barn can’t be completely removed, there are several steps that will greatly reduce or prevent it.

Check out these top five solutions to alleviate the smell from your horse barn.

  1. Remove your horse’s waste daily. Pay attention to urine-soaked bedding that exudes harmful ammonia. Check your horse’s protein intake, if he is getting more protein than his body needs, the unneeded portion becomes ammonia which he will then excrete. Ammonia can be harmful in your barn.
  2. Clean your barn regularly or clean every stall at least 6 days a week. You can bring the horse out into a pasture, since giving them some time outside reduces the time they are making a mess in the barn and gives you the chance to thoroughly clean the stalls.
  3. Purchase baking soda and keep it as a barn staple; it can effectively deodorize and neutralize the odor. Pour it on your stall floor or stall mats before placing some shavings on top. Do this each time you do a thorough stall cleaning.
  4. Strip the stalls in your horse barn at least once a week. You will have to remove and replace all of the bedding every week even if you remove waste products daily for a best odor control.
  5. Use permanent openings, at least one square foot of opening per horse house. By placing this slot inlet high up the eaves, cold air can enter as a thin air stream which mixes quickly with the still, slightly warmer stall. This allows entry of fresh air with stale air circulating upwards.

Remember that preventing excessive odors is less expensive than trying to neutralize them. Do your best at both and your horse will definitely be thankful!

Adrianna Cowan
Cowan Realty

Orange County Celebrates 3rd Annual Edible Fest on August 9th

A gastronomic adventure is coming soon to Orange County Virginia! This Saturday, the Orange Downtown Alliance and the edible Blue Ridge magazine will present its 3rd annual edible fest featuring a variety of delicious and all-natural foods, along with loads of entertainment.

The Orange Edible Fest is a yearly summer tradition that invites the public to taste various delectable organic foods straight from the vast farms and estates of the county. It is a celebration of the Earth-to-Table advocacy and is held in awareness of natural, sustainable living. The previous years have attracted thousands of people to the downtown area and this year, organizers hope to attract more people.

The 3rd Annual Edible Fest will once again feature a wide variety of food selections available at the marketplace, courtesy of various vendors. Indulge your eyes and mouth with a number of delectable treats that will surely satisfy your appetite.

If you appreciate music, then you will love the live music performances being featured on stage. Performers for the event include Holly Renee Allen, Michael Coleman, Darrell Rose and Gina Sobel, William Walter and The Stover Sisters.

Renowned chefs of the region will also feature in demonstrations that will spark your interest. Chefs include Jason Alley, Randy Cooper, Currey Fountain, Harrison Keevil, Craig Hartman, Will Richey, Curtis Shaver, Martha Stafford and Kathy Zentgraf.

Various speakers will also talk more about sustainable living. Learn more from Sully Carter, Mark Jones, James Lum, HarveyUssery and Forest Pritchard.

Join the 3rd Annual Edible Fest at Downtown Orange this August 9th from 10am to 6pm. Admission is $7 for adults. Children 12 years and younger are admitted free of charge.

Adrianna Cowan
Cowan Realty

Prevent Disease, Disinfect Your Horse Farm

Keeping a barn clean and healthy is a challenge, as most barn surfaces contain copious amounts of dirt, secretions such as blood or saliva, and other potential disease causing organisms. When a single horse gets a cold, it’s not long before the rest of the horses in your barn will become susceptible to contagion.

You have to completely disinfect the stall before placing another horse in it to reduce the chances of other horses contracting an illness. Fortunately, regularly disinfecting barns and equipment can help keep such an epidemic at bay.

Create a plan or a program to prevent infectious disease on your farm and start by considering the most common ways a disease is introduced and transmitted. You can easily create a targeted strategy to control the relevant factors in the environment once you have understood how a particular disease is spread. If a particular disease is common to your area, you need to identify whether it spreads via insect bites or can be transmitted through contact with bodily discharges, or other substances in paddocks and stalls. In these cases, focus on controlling the mosquito and fly populations on your farm and the disinfection of your facilities to mitigate such a risk.

Disinfectants are not effective on dirty or porous like wood surfaces. You have to wash all equipments or surfaces with soap and water until they appear clean prior to disinfecting. Then you can apply bleach by diluting one part of bleach to ten parts water. This is an effective disinfectant for the barn, but make sure you rinse this disinfectant out two to three times after application.

You might as well consider establishing guidelines for reporting an ill horse to increase isolation measures if an infection is identified.  Even though not all illnesses are contagious, there is a better chance of controlling the spread of disease once you and a veterinarian are involved.

While regular disinfection might seem labor-intensive and costly, you must consider the consequences of not disinfection. Routine disinfection is not just good horse management; it is an important component of an adequate disease prevention program. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Adrianna Cowan
Cowan Realty

Dressage Clinic Series at Respite Farm on August 5th

Enhance your horse riding skills and get onto the track! All you need is proper training to help you improve on your riding and managing skills as well as how well to deal with your beautiful horses!

This coming Tuesday, seize the opportunity to participate in one of the dressage clinic events that will happen at Respite Farm. The dressage clinic will be hosted by Jontelle Forbus Dressage. Jontelle has been in the horse training business since 2012, providing complete and intensive clinics to reach the FEI level.

Enjoy lovely horse properties at Respite Farm while getting your horses all geared up for a better ride. Respite Farm is a lovely and clean property that ensures safe and effective training for your horses. You can feel comfortable at this peaceful estate while also relishing the passion and camaraderie of fellow horse lovers.

Mark your calendars for August 5th and join the Jontelle Forbus – Dressage Clinic. The Dressage Clinic Series will be at Respite Farm located at 14076 Proffitt Farm Road, Montpelier, VA. Have an excellent training and see yourself in best partnership with your horse.

Adrianna Cowan
Cowan Realty

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